Welcome, burger fans!

My name is Andy, and I love burgers.

I’ve always loved burgers, however growing up in Scotland in the 80s meant my choice was limited, and while burgers flared brightly in my mind after I tried my first McDonalds, that love flickered and died on the mantle of routine. It’s only been in recent years, long after I moved to London, that my interest was rekindled.

And London, too, has started to view the burger in a different light. Forever associated with greasy, unhealthy, bland offerings, eaten on the street at 11pm on a rainy thursday night, in recent years the burger has encountered a renaissance, turning that gristly, stodgy lump into a gourmet item.

Gradually, I came to view the burger as something more than a patty and a bun. I became aware, slowly at first, of the subtle interplay of flavours and textures that are squeezed between the two bun-halves. I noticed what a difference the ordering of layers made (which I refer to as “lamination”), how pleased I was when a burger came to my plate still standing up, without the bun slewed off to the side, condiments akimbo. I began to notice a strange, bile-like taste in my mouth when I heard the phrase “deconstructed” being applied to my favourite sandwich.

There wasn’t a definitive moment in time when I realised my obsession. I didn’t wake up one day and decide to devote my life to burgers. It just kind of happened.

And over this period, I became aware that I was not the only person this was happening to. My friends and colleagues were eager to join me on my journey. When I did my first “Burger Survey Week”, I was delighted to find that those around me were as committed as I. Slowly, I assembled a rag-tag, grease stained team of burger experts – the burgerologists.

So, we set out to find the best burgers in London. We soon discovered that every burger review we read, every list of “top 10 burger”, was a sham. They clearly hadn’t tried these burgers. How else could Hawksmoor’s awful, gristly burger make it onto the top 10 lists?

Clearly, something had to be done. Someone needed to cast a fresh light on our burger scene, to illuminate the darkness, banish the ignorance, and to show the good people of London where to get their patty fix.

This blog is that light. We’re going to review the best burgers, bring you all the latest news from the wider burger world, and share our findings with you, dear eater. Join us on our journey.

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