Sad, sad burger

Review: The Fiesta Burger – Wahlburger

A recent entrant into London’s burger scene, the American chain Wahlburgers capitalises on the name of its famous co-owner, the celebrity Mark Wahlberg. Founded in 2011 by brothers Paul, Mark, and Donnie, the chain uses the motto “Our family, Our story, Our burgers”. The Covent Garden location opened on the 20th of May 2019. We visited on the 19th of...

Recipe: Burnt Butter Mayo

Inspired by the Bacon Butter Burger by Burger & Beyond, I attempted to make my own version of their burnt butter mayo at home. Its rich, silky goodness is an excellent replacement for mayo in any burger and probably works well as a mayo replacement in other foods (whatever they are). This is a simple mayonnaise recipe that replaces the...

The bacon burnt butter burger

Review: The Bacon Butter Burger – Burger & Beyond

Burger & Beyond have been around for a few years, in the form of a converted Citreon H van, selling their fine burgers at popups, events, and box parks in London and beyond. I first tried their burgers at National Burger Day at Hawker House, but they recently opened a bricks and mortar restaurant in Shoreditch. The owners of B&B,...

Juicy Classic Burger

Review: Cut + Grind – Juicy Classic Burger

When I first heard about Cut and Grind I was very excited. Being quite the meat geek, the idea of being able to select the blend you wanted in your burger intrigued me. They offer two different blends per day, a “juicy” blend with fattier cuts, and a “skinny” blend with meatier, tougher cuts. The meat is all dry aged on site in fridges at the back of the restaurant.


Review: Bleecker St – Bacon Double Cheeseburger

When Zan Kaufman decided to start Bleecker St Burgers in 2012, she was working in New York as a high-powered corporate lawyer. Moving for love to London, she ditched the corporate world for the burger startup scene, and has never looked back – and neither has London. Bleecker St is perhaps the most famous of London’s burger startups, vying for first place in the competitive landscape of London’s Best Burger.

Welcome, burger fans!

My name is Andy, and I love burgers. I’ve always loved burgers, however growing up in Scotland in the 80s meant my choice was limited, and while burgers flared brightly in my mind after I tried my first McDonalds, that love flickered and died on the mantle of routine. It’s only been in recent years, long after I moved to...